The TDAJ contains a unique protection circuit that is solely based on multiple temperature measurements inside the chip. This gives maximum output power for all supply voltages and load conditions with no unnecessary audio holes. Almost any supply voltage and load impedance combination can be made as long as thermal boundary conditions number of channels used, external heatsink and ambient temperature allow it. Koninklijke Philips Electronics N. All rights reserved.

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It amplifies the current generated by a photo detector PIN diode or avalanche photodiode and converts it to a differen PCA : General description The PCA is an octal bidirectional translating multiplexer controlled by the I2C-bus.

Inputs can be driven from either 3. These features allow the use of these devices in a mixed 3. It can configure an efficient CD-ROM system in combination with the MN, and allows a full-automatic adjustment of tracking balance-gain-offset and focus balance-gain-offset with fewer external parts.

Built-in functions are a variable equalizer,. Offering a high level of integration, along with the ability to sample the incoming signal at a first intermediate frequency IF , the is a cost-effective device.

Sharpness For Display. Preliminary Data Large area flicker elimination through field doubling Additional elimination of interline flicker in field mode Field switching and selection in field mode Noise and cross-color reduction Stills 9-image display, still-in-picture, picture-in-still with different frame versions q Zoom with selection of enlarged picture segment x 12 positions.

TDA : Carradio-signal-processor. The device includes. Switch Mode Power Supply Controller. Positive and Negative Current to 1. This device converts digital video signals into high quality analog signal compliant with TV standards, it is able to encode interlaced in all standards and non-interlaced in PAL and NTSC.


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