Sun Tzu a scris cartea Arta razboiului. Initial scrisa in limba chineza, cartea a fost tradusa in limba engleza si in alte limbi ulterior si este si astazi o lectura importanta. A castigat recunoasterea in toata lumea pentru sfaturile sale privind succesul militar. Generali si soldati au beneficiat de aceste sfaturi esentiale. Veti gasi 13 capitole in carte, fiecare dintre ele vorbind despre un alt aspect al razboiului. Cartea este enigmatica, poetica si, uneori, luminoasa.

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Look at me stepping outside my comfort zone! I saw this audiobook in the library, and I thought it looked interesting. This could come in handy. I need to prepare myself to defend my babies home from the invading whores hoards. I figured this book would help me gird my loins or whatever it is you do when you head into battle. Back off, Skanks! Still, even teenage boys pale in Hey! Still, even teenage boys pale in comparison to the sheer terror that comes with sharing a home with pre-pubescent girls I can definitely use the help of a master strategist.

Although, in retrospect, I actually have one of those living with me. My husband says I was hallucinating bless whoever came up with drugs in the delivery room! Lucifer was an angel, too Anyway, I could have skipped this and simply begged for the honor to sit at her feet and learn. Teach me your ways, Mighty Warrior!

Confession time: I did not make it all the way through the audiobook. I did, however, make it all the way through The Art of War. That part of it was short. Thank you, Sun Tzu! Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah All the names bled together in my head, and the words just sort of sloshed around inside my brain till I finally gave up on it. So listening to someone with a smooth jazzy voice read from a history book is just like asking for some sort of an internal meltdown to happen up there.

The Art of War. Tzu had much to say that would help me out. I mean, a there were a few things translated into real life Be consistent in rewards and punishments. Employ spies. Double duh. Make sure the enemy is tired before attacking. If Sun Tzu had mentioned dosing the enemy with Benadryl before long trips, I would have been more impressed. A lot of it, however, was about how to fight on different types of terrain. Swampy, mountainous, flat, etc.. Going dow But so what?


Arta razboiului - Sun Tzu

Review-uri 2 Acesta este unicul ghid al victoriei fara gres. Daca inamicul ocupa o pozitie de forta, hartuieste-l, daca e bine hranit, infometeaza-l, daca se odihneste, impinge-l la actiune. Razboiul este o problema de o importanta vitala pentru Stat, domeniu al vietii si al mortii, calea care duce spre supravietuire sau spre nimicire. E neaparat necesar sa fie studiat temeinic.


Arta razboiului


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