Life Edit Born in Medina circa A. Eventually he settled in Baghdad. There, the new Abbasid dynasty, having overthrown the Umayyad caliphs, was establishing a new capital. It was kept in the court library of Baghdad. This also has perished , and survives only in the copious extracts to be found in the voluminous History of the Prophets and Kings by Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari.

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Munir Ahmad Mughal]. Ibn Hashsham stated that some call him Madad. And Jurham was the son of Qahtan and Qahtan is the common ancestor of all the people of Yemen. According to Ahmad Mahmudi there is a Pammah over the alphabet mim and the proper noun is to be read Mudad. Ibn Hashsham stated that the Arabs use both words Hajir and Ajir. Hajir was from the family of Egyptians. Ibn Hashsham stated that some have called him as "Adnan bin Udd as well. Thus the family and language of both became one.

It was the water storage of the progeny of Mazin bin Asad bin al-Ghauth and for this reason Bunu Mazin became known 3 In manuscript b the word is Talaqqabu. Ahmad Mahmudi. Some say that Ghissan is a water storage at Muthallal which is near Jahuftah. Verily we are nobles and Banu Asad is our tribe and Ghassasn is our water storage.

People of Yemen and some people of Qabilah "Akk who were residents of Khurasan have stated that "Akk bin "Adnan bin "Abdullah bin al-Ghauth was from their family and some have stated that "Adanan bin al-Zayb bin "Abdullah bin al-Asad bin al-Ghauth. And Ibn Hashsham has also mentioned it in this manner Maulavi Qutbuddin Ahmad Mahmudi. I and II. He replied that he 21 was of those who had survived from Qanas bin MaM. Ibn Ishaq stated that generally all Arabs consider that he was from Banu Lakham who was from the progeny of Rai" ah bin Nasr.

Allah alone knows best which of these facts is correct. It is stated that he had remained behind in Yemen after the exit of "amr bin "Amir from Yemen.



Sirat Ibn Hisham and the middle portion which is missing apparently contains direct evidence that the followers of Muhammed to Abyssinia entirely converted away from Islam, stating their belief that the Prophet had corrupted the historic religion of "Abraham" according to Samuel Zwemer, "The Law of Apostasy in Islam", That that information has been edited out of this text knowingly or accidentally , would cause anyone to call foul - kindly - on those who laud the availability of this altered copy of an important translation, while at the very same time praising the virtue of free information on this very topic. These positive reviews are at best in error this text should be removed and at worst - possibly - an attempt at promoting benign censorship. Reviewer: Muhammad Umar Chand - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 13, Subject: Thanks to the uploader We need not be too upset to be offensive and end up using abusive expressions for those who have done us some little act of good. We need to appreciate their effort and point out the problem rather politely or correct it ourselves if we can. How is it possible that no one noticed all the missing pages, and the fact that after the first hundred, the entire middle section is out of sequence?!


Ibn Hisham



Ibn Hischām


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