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View all stories in series Savita Bhabhi had an early morning sex with her husband after a very long time. Since he was horny as hell, he fucked her really hard. While fucking her ass, there was a muscle sprain and she screamed a lot. She was having an immense pain.

When Ashok asked her about the pain, she told him that she could not feel anything from her ass till her legs. Ashok was scared and he called his family doctor immediately. Savita was still naked and lying on the bed. She was in no mood to take and wear her clothes. She was having a severe pain. Ashok was very much restless as he kept trying for his doctor but the phone was very busy. Finally, his doctor called him back. Shukla: Hello, Ashok. How are you? I am getting your call after a long time.

Anything serious. Ashok: Yes doctor. My wife Savita has got a muscle pain in her hip joint. Dr: Oh. Ashok: Okay. Dr: No. I suggest you consult a Physiotherapist. Send the number soon. I will talk to him and he will visit your home personally. Ashok: Thanks a lot, doctor. Ashok received a number in a couple of minutes and he spoke to the doctor. He gave his address and the doctor was on his way.

He said that he would reach in an hour. Ashok was worried that Savita was naked and he wanted her to wear clothes when the doctor arrives. But she was crying out of pain when he touched her from the hips.

Somehow, he managed and made her wear a panty and a long skirt. After an hour, a young man of around 26 came to his home. He was having a kit with him. He walked straight to the bedroom and Ashok was standing near him very much worried. Dr: Hmm. So, how did this happen? Did you lift something heavy? Ashok: Does that matter, doctor? Dr: Of course. It will help me judge where the problem could have raised from. Ashok: Actually, we were… He was leaving a long pause and the doctor understood the reason from his body language and his facial expression.

Dr: Fine. I understand. Savita was lying with her face facing the bed but she wanted to see the doctor as his voice was very sexy. She wished his face would be as sexy as his voice. She could see his palm and wrist and they were very much fair. Dr: Sir, you can wait outside because you worry a lot. If you are okay with everything, you can stay here. Ashok: No. I will wait outside. Tell me once you are done. I will see you in my study. Dr: Sure sir.

No problem. Everything will be alright. Ashok went to his study with his laptop with a worried face. Dr: So, Mrs. Where exactly you feel the pain? Savita Bhabhi: From my hips.

Dr: Okay, now I will be touching some portions and tell me when it pains. Savita Bhabhi: Okay doctor. He touched her hips and she told him that she had a pain there. He touched several parts and she had no reactions.

When he touched her ass, she cried out of pain. Her whole ass was hurting and when he touched her thighs, she could feel some pain.

He noted something in his notepad and told her, Dr: Okay. Savita, could you get up? Savita Bhabhi: No doctor. It is hurting. Dr: Even if someone helps you? Savita Bhabhi: Yes, doctor. Dr: Okay. I will help you and you try to control the pain. This will hurt a bit. He tried to make her get up and she could not. He took a device which looked like a silver shaved hammer and applied some gel on it.

Then, he looked at her and said, Dr: You may have to remove your skirt. Savita Bhabhi: Is it necessary? How will I do the treatment then? Secretly she was very happy that she was going to expose her sexy ass to a man having a sexy voice. He did not sound old and she was looking forward to something from him. She slowly untied her skirt and he helped her to take them off. Then, he took off her panties. He would have seen many women naked and this could mean nothing to him.

It is a routine to him and he may not feel a thing. But anyways, trying is not a sin. Let me see what happens. He was damn horny looking at her sexy ass. His pants were bulging because of the boner he had and could not control his feelings. He had seen many women naked and none made him feel so hot. Thank God, she is lying on the other side and she could not see the boner and luckily her hubby is not here.

She clearly knows what was it but she pretended as if she was thinking that it was some medical equipment. To be continued… Like this story, if you wanted to know what the doctor did next.


Savita Bhabhi And Her Doctor – Treatment Time – Part 2



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