The guards hid their smiles as they looked the noble over—in size the beardless youth could as well have been a squire, with only a shield to reveal his higher rank. They wondered aloud if the youngster could hold his lance, let alone unseat an opponent with it. Hearing them, the knight favored them with a broad grin. The guards, liking his reaction, fell silent.

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The book offers readers their first glimpse into other lands outside of Tortall , like Maren and Sarain. Contents [ show ] Plot introduction Alanna once again leaves — this time, in search of the Dominion Jewel, to bring back to Tortall and to prove herself as a true knight. But while successful in her quest to gift her homeland with the jewel, bad news greet her: Jonathan is now King of Tortall, and her archenemy has risen from the dead thanks to her twin brother.

She sets out on an impossible quest to find the Dominiom Jewel, a legendary gem that, in the right hands, has limitless power for good. But while she searches for the one thing that can save her war-torn country, her nemesis returns form the dead and begins to wreak havoc. Stopping in Berat , Alanna meets Liam Ironarm, the Dragon of Shang and the most powerful of the Shang fighters, who befriends her and agrees to accompany her on her quest for the Dominion Jewel.

En route to the Roof of the World, where the Jewel is hidden, Liam and Alanna begin a love affair, despite their clashing tempers and his fear of all things magical.

Alanna knows Chitral, the mountain elemental who holds the Jewel, will never make it easy for her to obtain the Jewel, so she bespells her friends to keep them asleep and ventures into the blizzard up the mountain. She battles Chitral, who takes the form of a mountain ape, and though she is defeated, he gives her the Jewel anyway.

Alanna, wounded, frozen and half-dead, passes out; when she wakes up, she is back in the hotel with her friends. Liam is furious that she witched him, and the two break off their romance but remain friends. When the group encounters Raoul of Goldenlake, he confesses to Alanna that Tortall is in turmoil. Queen Lianne is dead, and the King committed suicide soon after. Meanwhile, Alanna finds amusement when he falls in love with Thayet and begins to court her.

Jon and Alanna agree that they were not right together, but when she looks to George to renew his romance, he treats her as nothing more than a friend. Her brother Thom is rapidly growing ill, poisoned by his own Gift, and Alanna is helpless to stop it. Meanwhile, Alanna and Roger have a vicious encounter where they renew their old hatred, and Alanna suspects that Lady Delia and others, including her old rival Alex of Tirragen, are plotting to overthrow Jonathan and put Roger in his place.

On the eve of the Coronation, Alanna meets the Great Mother Goddess, who warns her that the Coronation will be a "crossroad in time. The spell backfires when she stops resisting and lets go, killing Roger with his own sword and destroying his evil forever. When the fighting dies down, Alanna sees that Liam is also dead, killed while protecting Jonathan. After the insurgents are captured, Alanna returns to the Bazhir to rest and clear her head, also to grieve for her brother, Liam and Faithful.

In it, he says he knew that his time was near, and he tells Alanna to live a happy life with a man who loves all of her, and she realizes by the end that George has always been the one for her. The series ends with George and Alanna cementing their own engagement with a kiss, and an announcement to the Bazhir.


Lioness Rampant

It details an adventure of the knight Alanna of Trebond , and her final battle between with her archenemy, Duke Roger of Conte. Alanna of Trebond — Heroine. Princess Josiane of the Copper Isles — a traitor conspiring with Roger. Si-cham — Priest of the Mithran Order who tries to help Thom overcome his illness. Marries Coram. Later marries Myles of Olau.



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