Nach ebenfalls Probleme bei der Herzfrequenzmessung verursachen ca. Page 7 Trainingsanleitung Belastungspuls: langsam ansteigender Belastung ein- bzw. Only qualified persons may make modifications to the electrical components. Spread your feet out and stand seconds to display your actual pulse. The treadmill also has a on the two side platforms beside the tread.

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Service Service If you can read this, you have to activate javascript for your browser. In what intervals should bolt fittings be checked? For regular use of the machine, every 1 — 2 months. What is the best lubricant for hinged parts? The best lubricant is a high-quality silicone or graphite lubricant. Which bearings or hinged parts should be lubricated during maintenance? All components that were firmly joined and bolted together during final assembly see set-up illustration according to the assembly instructions.

What care and maintenance routines do our home sport machines require? In addition to the maintenance steps carried out by the user on the normal and directly-accessible hinged and connecting parts, a general inspection should be performed by a specialist at least once a year.

In case of damage reports with a warranty or guarantee claims equipment defects, functional faults or failures , any maintenance expert, etc. Maintenance display — Treadmills: What needs to be checked? A service display will appear on the treadmills e. In this case, all bolt connections should be checked to ensure that they are firmly tightened.

It is of very high quality, does not cake, harden or become old. Without regular maintenance with silicone spray, the friction between the running belt and the base plate would become very intense. These excessive friction levels would allow the belt and the base plate to become dull and would lead to severe abrasion scorch marks and scoring and excessive wear on the motor.

How often does a training machine need to be maintained? Depending upon how often they are used, our training machines should be maintained at least once a year by a paid specialist. How often should silicone spray be applied to maintain the lubrication of the running belt treadmills? We recommend reapplying the silicone spray that came with the treadmill to the base plate see assembly instructions after two hours of workout time.


Kettler Marathon TX1 Functions And Operation



Kettler Marathon TX1 Functions And Operation


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