Kaeser is super quiet and Air Center did a fabulous job with the turn-key installation. Roger Milkip Machining In our harsh manufacturing environment, Kaeser by far has been the best compressor we have owned. Charlie Cebco Foundry Products Jason was a great representative to deal with. He made sure to follow through, showed up to ensure delivery and installation when all was said and done.

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The large display and RFID reader provide easy communication and maximum security. Variable interfaces enable seamless networking capability, whilst the SD The dryer is therefore active only when compressed air actually needs to be dried: as a result, this approach achieves the required compressed air quality with maximum Open the catalog to page 6 High-efficiency drive system: Efficiency class IES2 The new EN standard The European eco-compatible design standard EN defines the requirements for drive systems in electrically driven production machines.

It specifies system efficiency, taking into account losses from the motor and frequency converter. Open the catalog to page 8 Speed-controlled compressor with synchronous reluctance motor Precision pressure control The flow rate can be adjusted within the control range according to pressure. This allows maximum pressure to be reduced, which, in turn, leads to significant energy and money savings. Durable and service-friendly: the rotors of the synchronous reluctance motor do not contain aluminium, copper or magnetic materials using rare earth metals.

That makes the bearings and rotors as easy to replace as those in asynchronous motors. The functional Open the catalog to page 9 Maximum efficiency with variable frequency synchronous reluctance motor Efficient synchronous reluctance motor This motor series combines the advantages of asynchronous motors and synchronous motors in one drive system. The rotors do not use aluminium, copper or expensive rare earth magnets.

Instead they are made of electrical steel with a specialised profile and arranged in series. This makes the drive highly durable and service-friendly. Combined with a high-performance frequency converter The Siemens frequency converter has a motor-matched control algorithm.

With the fine-tuned This is where a speed-controlled rotary screw compressor with Open the catalog to page 11 ambient heat total electrical power consumption compressed air energy potential Approx. Use this potential to your advantage! This simple process is thermostatically controlled.

They provide excellent heat exchange characteristics with an impressively small form factor. PTGs can be integrated into existing hot water supply systems and are suited for industrial applications.

Required heating energy over the course of a year It goes without saying that heating is necessary during the winter months. However, it is also required to a greater or lesser extent at other times

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Kazigrel Learn more — opens in a new window or tab. Petershagen, Germany dealership location. No additional import charges at delivery! Have one to sell? Check the address of the dealer.


Kaeser as36 for sale





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