More tricks from the creative guitarist Shares ACOUSTIC EXPO : In our first two Jon Gomm video lessons, we scrutinised his rhythm work to learn how he slaps, taps, scratches and scrapes his road-worn but trusty Lowden acoustic guitar to create drum parts and layers of harmony, achieving multitasking mastery. In this instalment, we look at his approach to fingerstyle. Jon has amassed a following through sheer graft like many players, he began by plying his trade on the UK open-mic scene , and has since appeared all over the globe. In a world where some remain cynical about percussive guitar playing, Jon Gomm stands out as not only a wonderfully creative player, but also a talented songwriter and learned scholar of music.

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Juhn Passionflower Jon Gomm Always love supporting independent music! This event was all over the news around the world, everywhere except China. If you like Jon Gomm, you may also like:. Jon Gomm — Passionflower Super inspirational melodies and arrangements, and fantastic guitar playing Tee-vee.

I needed something to bridge the musical gap between what I do and what most people over there are more familiar with. And also I wanted to have something with some meaning, some relevant purpose. It was amazing, so I wrote a song for it. The government seized some farmland, owned by local families, and sold it off to developers.

Handmade Cities by Plini. The mp3 and guitar tab for this song are available from http: Or browse results titled:. Big up to my friends in Perth for surprising me with this video What you see is what you h Audio mixed and produced by Whiskas, engineered and co-produced by Jon Gomm.

Get your FREE Expansive music that has the gentle hush of ambient and the insistent pulse of post-rock; enveloping and absorbing. The End Of Everything by Plini. Only music downloads are available from Bandcamp. PoloniumFist I have never heard anyone do such artistry with a guitar. Skrillex — Summit feat. The mp3 and guitar tab for this song are available from http: So I told this story on stage every night on tour there.

Wukan is a village in rural China. So this tune is about the Wukan Uprising of After that the protests got more vigorous and the police were rounding people up off the streets at night. Get my CDs, guitar tabs and other lovely merch only from jongomm. Related Posts


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Tujin Passionflower Only music downloads are available from Bandcamp. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. This event was all over the news around the world, everywhere except China. Video — Jon Gomm — Passionflower.




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