This is a list of girl groups of all musical genres. Jean Sendy Everyone was thrilled by this. One picture is available at: Malachy or the miracle of Fatima that Sendy jezn to regard as superstitions and attempts give them a meaning in the perspective opened by his reflection on jdan Bible. Sentes, Bryan, and Susan Palmer.

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After publishing an archival document entitled "La Verite The Truth " about the relations between Germany and Soviet from to and a volume on the politicians of the Fourth Republic De gueules sur fond de cles, impertinences, Paris, Editions France-Empire, , Sendy translated a book of General Anders, Editions France-Empire. In "La Lune, cle de la Bible The Moon, key of the Bible " Sendy took differenct point of view from the usual translations of the Bible translate "Elohim" by God, which is plural whose meaning would be better than by "Angels".

Rereading the biblical text in its original Hebrew version, Sendy argues that this is not a legendary story, but historic text telling colonization of the Earth at the time of Moses by angels from the sky, assuming that is the perspective theory of ancient astronauts and astroarchaeology.

Sendy believes that the "key of the Bible" could be on the Moon, where since the s, it is now possible to find traces of these cosmonauts.

Malachy or the miracle of Fatima that Sendy refuses to regard as superstitions and attempts give them a meaning in the perspective opened by his reflection on the Bible. This book also deals with eschatology and the study of numbers in the Bible and the Kabbalah. Those who are not able to figure out the point after reading this summarized page may join the Raelian Movement or continue to live as a Raelian. I think this one summarized page is enough for any intellectual person to figure out "the point.

In chapter 4, the difference between "Understand Know " and "Believe" by explaining "smoking" is bad. In chapter 13, "porno" and "fantasm" if this can be "business" or it is "necessary. In whole chapter 21 last chapter , Jean Sendy talks about Jerusalem and Israeli people and their religion, and relationship with creator celestials.

And the observation shows that these teachings confer a blatant superiority to individuals and to communities who are impregnated. Detailed comparison will follow. Elohim is a plural word in ancient Hebrew that means "Those who came from the sky.

You might as well believe in magic! He did not take actual animals. If we read "Those who came from the sky," or "the Celestials," each time the plural Elohim occurs, we find ourselves reading a narrative that needs no exegesis, no helpful prodding, no religious conviction, in order to be thoroughly coherent.

It means that the scientists from our world searched for a planet that was suitable to carry out their projects. They "created", or in reality discovered the Earth, [ He appears there both as the leader of the Elohim and as the Celestial who is personally in charge [ My name is Yahweh, and I am the president of that Council of the Eternals.

In fact the lower slopes of Mount Sinai would make an excellent alternative choice, since that is where Yahweh, the leader of the Elohim, first appeared to Moses. However, while translating to English, both translators chose the same word "leader. Condemning a serpent to crawl makes no sense unless the word "serpent" is being used as an insult. I believe he was. Without a control group, the experiment had to be abandoned. Genesis Would Lucifer have been more successful in managing the planet if, instead of trying to impress Adam, he had held his tongue and let the Celestials continue their experiments on him and his lineage?

Lucifer was heading a small group of scientists working in one of the genetic engineering laboratories which studied the behaviour of the first synthetic men. They created, or in reality discovered the Earth. The men placed the natural satellite on Eretz, which consiste of a convenient platform-port. At that "beginning," when the "spirit" of the Elohim "hovered" above the earth, [ The Earth was then, entirely covered with water and thick fog. La Lune, cle de la Bible First of all, it had to dispel the opaque clouds, to bring back the light on Eretz.

Yes, twenty centuries - years, more precisely - as we will see in the chapter devoted to the fourth "day. The day mentioned here corresponds to the period in which your sun rises under the same sign on the day of the vernal equinox, in other words, about 2, years on Earth.

And they are quite right; the idea is not to prove anything, but to titillate the imagination. These atoms are the planets and the stars.

In fact we have been able to discover intelligent living beings in the infinitely small, who live on particles that are planets and suns to them. They ask the same questions as ourselves. I really wonder if any Raelian truly understands the meaning of the infinite. There are infinite numbers of zero between the point and the last number. The Raelians are the only group of people who "believe" that after these infinite numbers of zero they can find whole civilization living inside of "infinitely" smaller than an atom.

Jean Sendy brought these scales and idea in his book "The Coming of the Gods on page " and he clearly mentioned that he brought the idea only to titillate the imagination. Even wording ancient Greek philosophers were not dare to assert this kind of absurdity, Claude Vorilhon Rael is the unique man asserting this on Earth and probably in this vast galaxy too.

An atom can divide continuously overtime absolutely CANNOT prove the infinite such as whole civilization is existing and living in one single cell of living organism, and so on, therefore infinitely. Can it be proved if infinite time is given? Yet, infinite time cannot prove the theory of evolution. This is correct but Rael contradicts himself with this. As physicist Michio Kaku mentioned, there will be a short-circuit some point. And infinite times smaller than the particle of an air has infinite number of civizization living inside, and so on.

Because does it sound plausible? Can anyone understand this or imagine this? That limit never touches zero but actually becomes zero nothing which inevitably leads to the conclusion "Nothing is indeed consist of everything. Maybe space is infinite in size, but not in a sense of what Rael said. Whether Rael plagiarized this idea from Jean Sendy or not, he made a big mistake. And this is another proof that he is just a fraud.

This was one of the biggest questions that I had during my Raelian years, now it is clearly answered. In our image! You can see that the resemblance is striking. You are only just emerging. Everyone was thrilled by this. The scientists perfected their techniques and began creating bizarre little animals but the government, under pressure from public opinion, ordered the scientists to stop their experiments for fear they would create monsters, which would become dangerous to society.

In fact one of these animals had broken loose and killed several people. This champion of intelligence is then sacrificed, we remove his brain, and we ingest it to a half of the another group of rats whose group never saw the labyrinth that the champion had demonstrated his intelligence - the other half group serve as control group.

We then proceed to the second part of the experiment, and we certify, every time, that the rats who ate a little bit of the brain of the champion go through the labyrinth with much more facility than the rats who did not received their lunch.

We can transmit information by the injection of brain memory matter, thus our children have almost no work to do. They regularly undergo injections of brain matter taken from people possessing the information necessary for instruction. Therefore, children only spend their time doing interesting things, which they decide on themselves, such as rebuilding the world in theory and fulfilling themselves in sport and the arts. Any brain surgeon or brain scientist will laugh himself to death if he reads these theories.

This is another proof that Claude Vorilhon Rael is just a fraud and plagiarism is dangerous idea. An ex-Raelian Jiro Kambe did excellent research on this. In fact, this is extremely easy since, for primitive people, if you come from the sky you can only be divine. When I think about it, it does not seem at all excessive. To the Celestials, our planet was not a piece of property to be exploited, it was an immense laboratory in which could test theories.

All their efforts were aimed at reproduction. Every individual created different varieties of plants according to their inspiration and the climate. On Theos, as on every other planet with a fully developed technological civilization, material goods are taken for granted. In the morning they would get up and bathe, since there are swimming pools everywhere, have breakfast and then do whatever they feel like doing.

Everybody works, but only because they feel like working as there is no money where we live. Thus those who work always do it well, since it is by vocation. Life is eternal, as all gods know. It is just like falling asleep, except it is an endless sleep. Since we are a part of infinity, the matter of which we are made does not disappear.

It continues to exist in the soil, or in plants, or even in animals, clearly losing all homogeneity and, therefore, all identity. We can begin growing food there even before we have brought rainfall back to normal on the rest of the planet, because we will be living in our own controlled climate. We make the rain fall during the night when and where we wish. In Ezekiel, for example, a voice orders Ezekiel to "eat" a scroll, then go and teach what he has learned by "eating. This means you - the created - can learn all you want, read all of the books that we have here at your disposal but never touch the scientific books, otherwise you will die.

Genesis 3: Some scientists in this team felt a deep love for their little human beings, their creatures, and they wanted to give them a complete education in order to make them scientists like themselves. So they told these young people who were almost adults that they could pursue their scientific studies and in so doing they would become as knowledgeable as their creators. The plurality of the Celestials is confirmed by the phrase "like one of us," page The book which tells the truth Now that man has become one of us, thanks to science Now we must ensure that he does not put out his hand to take from the tree of life, eat and live forever.

Human life is very short but there is a scientific way to prolong it. In the Biblical story, the positions are reversed: the scientists who conceived the "tebah program" are in space, having left the earth, and Noah, who is carrying out the program, remains on earth. This was true figuratively speaking, but in reality [ No, because the Biblical text comments on it in terms that show an awareness of space travel as a concrete human possibility: the Lord of the Celestials is quoted as saying that now that the tower-builders have undertaken their project, "nothing they have a mind to do will be beyond their reach.

The latter wanted their new human beings to go to the creators planet to obtain their pardon, by showing that they were not only intelligent and scientific but also grateful and peaceful.


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