By now his Claw was also remote controlled and stacked full matavi gadgets. He then used a prosthetic metal hand to substitute for it. Irubukkai Norman One story 7. And what about Vasakar feedback section????

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Steel Claw would alternate with The Spider from Lion in these books, with the Claw featuring in the odd-numbered editions. If you will please see if you have them in your collection or possibly one of your contacts have them, that will be fantastic.

Some of them are amazing like Nadunisikkalvan, and Johnny in Japan, and some like Marmatheevil Mayavi and Micro Alaivarisai are disappointing. The Steel Claw comics A couple of characters — with the black shades — look like MGR dont they: Since he is writing something about the history of Lion Comics in each issue, he should use CC to give the historic info about the issues. Editor has thought of including the Reporter Johhny story in the second issue.

Each issue of CC has two stories, exceptions are issue 9 only one story10 three stories and 18 three stroies. Steel Claw episodes appeared sporadically in Seriemagasinet until the late s. The character was revived in for Albiona six issue mini-series published by the Wildstorm imprint of DC Comics. His appearance in Zenith saw him disabled during battle, eventually dying from blood loss.

In some comics Mahesh is invisible maywvi for his iron helmet, a direct influence from the Steel Claw series. Thanks for remembering them. CID Lawrence not so good anyway 5. Jack and Jill Playhour. Are they selling tamil comics books these days??? It seems all the stories published in Portugal are signed Spanish artist Jesus Blasco:.

Finally, I bought one with all the pages, and no cover. We will talk about Comics Classics CC irumbbu short in this posting!!! In another laboratory accident, with a new ray, if he received mayzvi high voltage electric shock from power lines, etc. Am going to post a double issue this weekend. Kal Nenjan Spider Irumbukkai Maayavi 6.

However I guess CC project would not be shelved any time soon. I was a big fan i can say I was mad about tamil comics. All the cover scans of comics classics in one place and that too clearly visible even without enlarging. Johnny in Paris Is it really a classic Steel Claw containing a different weapon in each finger, the Claw was also remote controlled.

Take a look at the message from the editor about this new member to the Muthu family. And smudging is also another issue with the pictures.

Irumbu kai mayavi was is my favorite hero. Take a look at a page from this gem. By now his Claw was also remote controlled and stacked full of gadgets.

The Steel Claw comics — Wikipedia What do you think, will it be disrespectful to ask? I guess the reason for the bad quality print is that the original blocks can no longer be used as they are too soiled and the actual books from Muthu were used for printing the CC.

Pocket size the success formula of Lion was used for the all the issues, except 9!!! This series was published in the Hindi monthly magazine Parag under the name fauladi panja. His claw had a number of inbuilt weapons, amongst them being able to fire missiles and gas along with a built in radio transmitter and receiver.

Panikkadalil Bayangara Erimalai 3.


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