Finally the quote has come through and for the first time from an Internorm dealer, is actually correct. This feature has been temporarily disabled during the beta site preview. I spent a lot of time with a difficult computer pricing programme and did my best. A few weeks ago I reported on the amazing, high-tech Alpen, R center-of-glass windows that we installed on the north and west facades of our farmhouse in Dummerston, Vermont.

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Both are argon filled 3G panels, the standard one that gives a Ug of 0. The whole house scored 0. These later units have an average overall U-value of 0.

The winner of the private housing award at the UK Passivhaus Awards, this upgraded s home proves that even existing buildings can be made passive. File:Varion 4 HV He actually asked questions to clarify the schedule before spending the time putting them into the system for quotation. At the end of the day, for the price, I expect a better level of training and better service from their distributors. They are a very large company with a long track record and have inteernorm wide range of products.

We always liked the look of the Internorm Varion window but were put off by the slightly worse performance inyernorm the Edition and therefore selected Edition by default. I was somewhat surprised, but decided I was willing to give him another go.

Internorm 28 03 We visited the Internorm stand at the NEC, where we met Craig, from dealer number 3 see previous post. Perhaps Internorm have too many distributors and none of them have enough business to get properly trained up or to be interested dealing with the additional tuning needed for PassivHaus. According to Janet, Jonathan was the only builder they interviewed who had read up on passive house, and understood how hard it would be.

Passivhaus focuses in addressing the fabric of the building and ensuring that it is as airtight as feasibly possible. The business is family run and all the installers are employees — not a contractor in sight.

Well the distributor for manufacturer number 2 received exactly the same schedule and produced a quote with just one very minor error that was corrected the next day. The existing wall cavity was filled with polystyrene Instabead, while insulating autoclave aerated concrete blocks were used to rebuild and extend wall sections that were close to collapse.

But during the cold winter ofthe ground floor was actually a little cooler than upstairs — most likely because the floor is only insulated to a U-value of 0.

The solar is probably better for the south facing windows, while the normal is probably better for the rest but I really need to model them properly in PHPP to guide the choice. This combines the clean and flush lines with the performance of the Edition.

If not, then I will give up on Internorm, regardless of the quality of their product. The other interesting point was that all the windows on display had the anodised aluminium cladding which looked quite attractive. Space heating demand PHPP: Aldas External insulation retrofit: Concerned about energy security and climate change, he planned to sell his London niternorm and move to the south-west of England to build a low energy, ecological home.

The external insulation helps to eliminate thermal bridging too. Apparently the typical lead time is six to eight weeks, but when they commit a delivery date the delivery is almost always exactly the promised day. K and a g-value of 0. I used to be and perhaps will again one day an engineering manager in the semiconductor industry in the south-west corner of the UK. So, if you really want to get a feel for the project, you could always go internorj check it out for yourself.

Two courses of Foamglas Perinsul blocks at perimeters under toe of slab. Related Posts


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