A welcome injection of gothic mystery back into a supernatural romance story. These days we are surrounded by supernatural romance. Its popularity is understandable and undoubtedly irresistible due to the time honoured enjoyment of dark romance and gothic fiction that surfaces every now and again into a new generation. The enjoyment comes from our deep rooted fantasies and simply gaining pleasure from the combination of terror and lust.

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Shelves: r2r-complete , read Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. This is the second book in the Fairwick Chronicles series, and picks up 4 months after the end of book 1. The problem in Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Obviously the faeries are in uproar, and the witches are in uproar, and everyone is generally pretty hacked off.

I just had so many issues with it, not least of all that it was so dull! And Callie just made some stupid decisions. This one was definitely not better. In fact, I had trouble finishing it.

I was actually finding other things to do instead of reading it! It was totally one of those sort of books! Anybody who saw my status updates on Goodreads, will have caught a few of these already, but here goes. Firstly; Callie is off to open another gate yes — there is only 1 gate to faerie the one in book 1 , but conveniently there is also a second gate — just for the undines in the water to pass through - Why say that there is only 1 gate to faerie, and then go and invent another one! Secondly — Callie goes to open said second gate, gets dragged into the water by the undines, and goes for an underwater swim through to fairie.

Hang on a minute — Callie is human-ish —surely she needs to breathe? How many people can ride underground streams without drowning? Come on! Thirdly; once Callie makes it through to fairy, she bumps into said ex-boyfriend — Liam the incubus who was killing her, and who she banished to the boarder-lands of faerie for good. So what does Callie do? Obviously, she unchains him, and has sex with him on the river bank. Exactly what every girl in their right mind would do. Why go to the trouble of banishing him, to then immediately unshackle him and have sex with him.

Give me a break. Fourthly; when Callie gets back from Faerie, she finds that the storm created by one of the undines knocked her handy man off her roof and killed him. Do they arrange a burial?

A cremation? So do they get to it? No, they decide to wait 24 hours, just because. Sorry, but either let the bloke die or do something now. Can you say brain damage????

Fifthly, god this is getting old. What happened to lighting sticks on fire, and taking petals off a flower or something. I mean, Callie is enough trouble as it is without adding shapeshifting to the pot! After that, it was just dull. Overall; somebody else might enjoy this book, but after this book and the first in the series, you are going to have to put a gun to my head to get me to read anything else this author writes. Save yourselves now and steer clear of this one.


The Water Witch

Dreams she begins to fear as well as anticipate… She learns that her home — a Victorian cottage at the edge of a wood — is supposedly haunted. And then her new — and rather strange — colleagues tell her a local legend about an incubus with a human past who was enchanted by a fairy queen… The Review Incubus is the first novel in the Fairwick Chronicles, a new urban fantasy series by award-winning mystery author Carol Goodman. There is a unique style that ignores many of the usual UF genre conventions to good effect. Fairwick itself is a wonderfully imagined decaying rural town on the edge of a wild forest. Fairwick is soon revealed to be on the edge of the borderlands between Fairy and the modern, human world. The last doorway to Fairy is hidden in the woods.

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Incubus by Carol Goodman


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