Now the cafeteria sink is clogged, and the smell is P-U-trid. But when he asks Florence Waters to give him a ring, he finds he has a very ahem different sort of proposal on his hands. As Chef Angelo would say: Aye-yi-yi. You should! What will they think when they see the disgusting basement bathrooms?

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Jun 09, Samantha rated it liked it Fluffy, light romance that reads like a romcom. Single parents traveling with single tech-savvy teenagers leads to misunderstandings galore in this travel-inspired tale of love. That being said, there were some things that annoyed me about this book.

While the teenagers were pretty well written in terms of Fluffy, light romance that reads like a romcom. It felt like they were discussing much younger children in almost all of these sequences.

The scene where it was especially apparent was the one in which the group of four meets and has dinner before the blowup over exchanging emails. Some of the problems the characters faced in this story were funny, but seemed a little too over the top which is what made me feel like this was a romcom in text.

The scene on the plane where Webb is believed to be the head of a terrorist group is a perfect example: very dramatic, funny. That situation is not improved by the note Daisy finds tucked into her carry-on, apparently from the man in C.

Daisy is in no mood for secret admirer notes or dinner dates. Or even men, for that matter. Andrew doesnt know what possessed him to do something like that. Hitting on strange women on airplanes is definitely not his typical Goodreads: A successful chef and single mother, Daisy Sprinkle, is on vacation with her teenage daughter, Coco, who picks up the wrong duffle bag at the airport.

Hitting on strange women on airplanes is definitely not his typical style. But there was something about the woman in 6-B that could not be ignored. Andrew is busy woking on his latest project and hoping Webb finds enough to entertain himself.

Little do they know the teens are making their own plan. My thoughts: Ahhh. A relaxing, fun read. No allegories or metaphors unless you count that awful song which I miss the meaning even now. Also, why would anybody leave a cake out in the rain and would someone really go crazy and segue into disco? I think not. Every character provides a different perspective and interpretation. In fact, misunderstandings are rampant, not unlike real life.

I can totally understand Coco "knowing" she has turned Webb off because he saw her old, pink bra in the duffle bag. Because I have been a shallow teenager and would be caught up in that red herring. She concludes that she definitely needs a vacation but she needs a vacation from Coco. What kind of mother wishes for time away from their beloved child?

Answer: a normal one. It was fun, awkward, embarrassing, and heartwarming. I want to read it again.


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