By then, I had stolen a few watches myself. I had discovered, sadly, that there is a healthy degree of bullshit in corporate life, and that consulting as an industry can profit from it. Give a group of motivated people the opportunity to change the course of a company, and they will create fantastic or disastrous effects. Sounds like the perfect formula for a TV show, right?

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Yes, management consultants have a bad rap, perhaps deserved maybe perhaps not. But the thing is, companies that hire these types of consultants i.

And so they do, maybe to fix certain parts of their businesses or gain some type of efficiency somewhere Pay me more and I will show you what the damage is and how to fix it". By the time you have paid the fees to know how you look, you are out-of-money and most probably out-of-business or out-of-job. So, "Problem Solved! They smartly expedited your fall and relieved you completely of the enormous stress you carried. The book can be looked upon as a biography of a Management Consultant who has just entered the consulting world fresh out-of-college and is trying to understand his new profession and the people around him.

Martin talks about the different types of individuals roles and their personalities that are stereotypical in consulting firms, starting from "Associate consultant" to "Partners and Sr. Martin weaves in candid tales from his consulting experience to explain the inner and outer workings of consulting firms.

Like, the clients who bring ambiguous problems along with their extra baggage of internal politics, then there are the firms Partners who suck the remaining life out of the team with their Team-dinners despised by every consultant. They use it as a forum to blast their egos and reminiscence their glory by sharing past tales of so called successful projects. The author decribes his consulting employer as an unbalanced organization with no functional structure and a legacy of old-fashioned political hierarchy.

He uses different situations and stories that represent the traits of consultants and throughout the book spats dirt on McKinsey by comparing it against other consulting firms.

The resulting picture that builds is that McKinsey is the biggest crook in the management consulting world.


House of Lies



House Of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time


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