Shattered June [First Hardcover Release] [2] 8. Staked January 26, 8. According to the official website, the collection is the length of a novel and should be considered 8. Scourged April 5, [6] - Final novel in the Iron Druid series. A collector buys a rare tome from Atticus. Granuaile works on her own desert project.

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Start your review of Hexed The Iron Druid Chronicles, 2 Write a review Sep 01, Kat Kennedy rated it liked it I was hesitant to bring this up in my last review because I thought it was just me - I thought I was reading too much into these novels. There are many, many female characters. However we can effectively separate them into categories. Harmless, likable and a sex I was hesitant to bring this up in my last review because I thought it was just me - I thought I was reading too much into these novels.

She is probably the only woman who fits into this category. The many, many evil witches in this novel fit into the second category. Atticus is sure to take special note of their appearance. They will always try petty, pathetic things that make you happy that Atticus lays the smack-down on them. They are arrogant and tragically doomed to fail like Team Rocket from Pokemon. For every evil male character there are at least eight bad female characters.

There is only one Harmless and laughably evil male character. There are many, many of these female characters and they all play second fiddle to the main bad character - a man.

They are the faceless Red shirts from Star Trek. These are women that Atticus is supposed to take seriously because they are all powerful in their own right - many are supposed to be more powerful. Yet even goddesses are throwing themselves at Atticus to be in his bed. All of them are seriously unstable, highly emotive and completely subject to their own pettiness.

Atticus spends most of this novel indulging them like you would play to a crazy person to keep them happy. Men and the medical profession have been painting women as hysterical, unreasonable creatures for most of history. The ruler of the Tuatha De shows up and plays the damsel in distress to Atticus. She does the whole, "Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi. Still, I thought I was being sensitive after reading the first novel. In the second, Atticus strips Brighid down, humiliates her and lectures her in very reasonable tones while she froths at the mouth and acts the part of two-bit villain.

An immortal goddess, so proficient at politics, bargaining and magic is so pathetic that she would act as she did and be caught as she was? Oh, of course. There are much fewer male characters in this book - yet every single one with the exception of Percy, is a powerful, reasonable, intelligent, logical character. When comparing their uses and functions in these books, it becomes clear that men, as characters, as significantly more likable, powerful and reasonable than women.


Hexed (Iron Druid Chronicles Series #2)




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