This is made because some of the native fixtures had error that was not checked for in the earlier versions of Fixture Creator. And it is also a wish from my side to clean up in the fixture library. A few native files could not be opened and they have been removed. All fixtures after has been opened and restored with the version of Fixture creator which was latest released at the time for uploading the fixture to the forum.

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Mazuzil If it does not cover what you want then you can have a look at the fixtures in Fixture Creator and try majual add that functionality yourself. Yes we did, so now all we have to do is create the control part of this fixture the bit that controls the strobe and the dimmer. Notice how the picture and the name appear in the columns next to freestylef DMX Value. You might be asking why I have set the channel values of the strobe and dimmer intensity to 1 and 2 respectively as this is meant to be an 11 channel fixture.

OK so now our fixture knows how many channels, so how do we tell it what channels control what? Remember this part of the fixture is only for controlling the strobe and dimmer. If we need hardware would it not be better to get a dedicated lighting controller? This tutorial does not show you how to create the fixture for use in 3D Magic Easy View, to do that you need to run the ScanLibrary program, it is not the same as Fixture Creator but the same method would need to be performed as shown for the Fixture Creator.

The main reason I see for this because they can have a lot of channels, have lots of different operating mode with differing number of channels per mode and when in the higher channel modes a lot of RGB elements.

Now strangely enough did we not create a 3 channel RGB fixture in the first part of this tutorial? All we have to do is change some of the information and create some new information. If you notice any errors in this tutorial then let me know.

When you have had enough excitement put the number I used back in. Anyway I digress, let us get on and create this 2 channel fixture. See the next image to see this part completed. Repeat this process choosing a different icon for freextyler row. Hopefully with this tutorial I can show you my way of creating these types of fixture.

No we need to save it and export it. Exit Fixture Creator and you can now start FreeStyler and patch your freesthler into it and start using it. How well does this work compared to a hardware light controller? You do not have to do this. You can close the Fixture Creator and use it frrestyler FreeStyler now. This has been done with the fixture I have uploaded.

Please freetsyler ahead and change them for more suitable ones or even create your own bitmaps to represent them. Our dimmer is on channel 4 so we would enter the number 4 in the input box to the right of the Intensity channel text and the manual states that the dimmer has values of 0 to they need to be entered in the min and max fields respectively. Most 10 Related.







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