The Fostex FEE is a mm 4. The driver is well built and like most Fostex units, it sounds excellent. The FEE has been used in a wide variety of enclosures including sealed, bass reflex, Transmission Line and Quarter Wavelength enclosures. I had a lot of success with this driver in a Sealed Bipole Speaker Enclosure. This full-range driver is capable of frequency response from about 70Hz to 20kHz, but note the limited Xmax. It is magnetically shielded for use near television or CRT monitor.

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Login or Register to write a review. I have them connected to a Sabaj A3 mini system with a cheap 6. Like my title suggests, I know there are better speakers out there and if these sound this good, I would love to hear how those sound. For now though, this is my go to system. Hello, I am an avid enthusiast of stereo equipment. My latest adventure was building a low power vacuum tube amplifier kit. The kit was very successful. That led to my next need I wanted to have a smaller size bass reflex, bookshelf enclosure.

I tried several commercially available speakers. Their touted efficiency was at hz. There were steep drop-offs in efficiency outside of that range. This would not work Enter the feen: With great help and direction from the Madisound team I invested in a pair of feen speakers. Combined with a pair of. For lower listening levels and smaller speaker cabinets you can make a low power or high power amplifier sing. For the money these drivers cannot be beaten. I have 10 pairs of speakers and these are my favorites.

Absolutely fall out of chair vocals and silky Mid-range. Clear out your calendar because these speakers will make you listen for days! Thank you Madisound for such a great experience!

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