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Kajiramar This valve has a gate disc or wedge that is opened or closed to control fuel flow. This set contains the special size equipment, in the correct quantities, required for handling the 4- 6- and 8-inch pipe at stockpiles, pipe sections, and laying and welding the pipeline. Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems FM Repairing a leaking or broken pipeline can be extremely hazardous and life-threatening. When stringing aluminum pipeline, expansion loops must be laid out for at least every 1, feet of pipeline.

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Shakarr Lighter pipe, used in low-pressure pipelines, is easier to construct, and it avoids the mechanical failures inherent at higher pressures. Standards for pipeline welds B Figure B The ball valve is not used in mainline pipe systems because scrapers cannot pass through them.

So line scrapers can pass, a check valve must be opened to the full diameter of the pipe when used in the line between pumping stations. If clearing and leveling are required, they must mark the route in advance. From this point Bi, draw a line on the profile parallel to the hypotenuse of the hydraulic gradient triangle. Dynamic head is a measure of pressure, or kinetic energy, of liquids in motion.

If properly installed, the thermal-relief valve discharges small quantities of fuel through the drain hose to relieve the pipeline of pressure buildup. These forklifts are used to load and unload pipeline components at construction staging areas along the pipeline trace.

Pressure-control valve 6-inch Figure This section will be a replacement for a damaged section or a filler for any gap that may develop.

Poor Locations for Pumping Stations. The crew off-loads an extra tubing section for every 50 to 75 sticks. The construction staging area receives, accounts for, and issues construction materials. Marking crews, working ahead of construction crews by at least one day, stake out the final location of the pipeline and its installations using wooden stakes. For military use, coupled pipelines are preferred over welded because they can be constructed quicker.

However, it was developed primarily for engineer commanders and staff to design petroleum pipeline distribution systems. It can also be installed as a low-point drain.

During shutdown, the total static pressure applied may be well above the safe working gm, especially low sections in the line. To adjust the set pressure accurately, use the deadweight tester. In other words, station 1 started with a suction pressure of 20 psi.

DA prescribes supply levels for the theater army in terms of days of supply. On flat terrain with limited obstacles, a highly trained crew can lay up to 2 miles per day. This is a dual-axle trailer with four bolster attachments and an adjustable tow boom Figurepage 8. Use a 4-ton bolster trailer pulled by a 5 -ton truck to get pipe to the ground efficiently. They collect long-range annual petroleum requirements for the theater that are based on the consumption data the petroleum staff officer and the petroleum group forward.

The unit has limited, independent capabilities to construct pipeline systems. However, a rising-stem valve requires more space and is more susceptible to tampering or sabotage ffm the nonrising type. The valve is located on the launcher and receiver assembly. For example, to determine the throughput of 0. Run a swab or wire brush through each length to clean out fk debris just before connecting it to the line. From this intersection, trace a horizontal line to the friction loss scale on the left side of the chart.

This station base terminal receives fuel from a petroleum-terminal tank farm or host- nation supply. Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems FM Replace the packing in the valve when it is compressed to lubricate the valve adequately and tightening the packing nut no longer stops a leak around the valve stern.

As fn starts to flow down the pipe, it loses static head but gains velocity and dynamic head. Suggested stake colors Table In summary, dynamic head is equal to the static head required to accelerate the flowing velocity of the stream. The total friction loss must be no greater than the maximum allowable 18 feet of head.

However, some plug valves not in the AFCS have openings equal to the fk diameter of the pipe, others do not. The rollers are installed so the pipeline can move during expansion and contraction.

Pumping stations may be shifted a short distance downstream on the pipeline to take advantage of good sites. Other sizes be designed and manufactured. If the gate protrudes partially into the pipe, it may be so abraded by dirt and scale in the fuel flow that it will no longer serve as a tight valve when closed. When a pipeline is on a long, downgrade slope that is steeper than the hydraulic gradient of the line permits, the valve is spring-loaded to close.

This valve Figure is used in switching manifolds to regulate the flow of fuel. Deflection in coupled pipelines Figure These valves will reduce upstream pressure about 25 to psi and require no special tools to install. It is used to pull the 4-ton bolster trailer, to transport pipe to the construction site, and haul valves, couplings, and soldiers to and from the construction site.

When logistics planners determine that a military pipeline is required, equipment and labor support must be allocated in sufficient quantities to meet the required rate of construction. However, the suction pressure at the relocated station cannot fall below 20 psi. TOP Related.


Tagrel With the cm, measure downward from the highest elevation on the profile; at its base, project a horizontal line in the direction of the downgrade. Be careful when loading and unloading bolster trailers holding more than 35 sticks of 6-inch pipe because of the height that you must lift the pipe when loading and unloading. Afte r the hydraul ic locations of the pumping stations fn been plotted on the profile of the pipeline Tigurepagea site reconnaissance made and the locations are plotted on topographic maps. The pipeline route should roughly parallel secondary roads. Locating pumping stations with hydraulic gradient triangle Figure Hose-line repair kit and adapters B Figure B Other sizes can be designed and manufactured. Normally 10 to 12 soldiers are required, including equipment operators. Time permitting, location of the route proceeds as follows: Berm f paired tanks Figure Weight density is the weight per unit of volume.


FM 5-482 PDF

Kajizragore See Table page for the design capacity for this pump. However, welded military pipelines can operate at higher pressures. The proper suction pressure must be restored at the succeeding pumping station. From this point Bi, draw a line on the profile parallel to the hypotenuse of the hydraulic gradient triangle. Approximate pressure loss through lubricated plug valve equivalent feet of pipe Table These valves are used in pipelines to cut off, control, and direct the fuel flow in the line.


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