A regulate B assist C multiply D share E fulfill 4. Then, try to learn the vocabulary by putting the words into sentences. To break or break through. She is a voracious reader. For more information on this subject, see the Suffixes page. A inarticulateness B hubris C staidness D ingenuousness E reticence In older writings, coeporeal could be a synonym for corporal.

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Greek ggre Latin Roots and Affixes. I fre guarantee that you will see all or any of these words on the GRE. Note, however, that these two words have an additional meaning: She is a voracious reader. A stir B depress C equal D declare valid E treat 3. As for learning the parts of speech, rather than memorizing what part of speech each word esotericw to, try to become more aware of what the most common parts of speech are and how the are used in sentences.

The only extant representative of that species. However, if you only have a gde of months till you take the test, memorization might be your only realistic option. A brittle B insipid C fiendish D immaculate E committed 9. A supported B condemned C created D advocated E recognized 2.

Literally, it means cold blood. In older writings, coeporeal could be a synonym for corporal. They are not all that uncommon, and you might run into them elsewhere than on the GRE. A inimical to B alien to C emulated by D resented by E misunderstood by 5. A ascertain B conserve Esotfrica slog D prune E burrow Knowing the part of speech to which a word belongs can often help you analyze questions and answer choices on the verbal sections of the GRE and improve your chances of figuring out the correct answer.

Edoterica regulate B assist C multiply D share E fulfill 4. The first column contains the vocabulary words, arranged in alphabetical order. Initially a defender or democratic rule, the resident ironically soon began to employ the very dictatorial power that he had once The same environmental processes that long ago caused the original degradation of forest ecosystem are acting as its rehabilitation; scientists therefore intend to try to these processes in order to prevent future damage to the ecosystem.

Definitions, Other Forms, and Examples. I hope you are seeing this page in your first, rather than your last year of college. The chief flaw of the work is that it dwells too long on matters that are to its main subject, leaving space for treatment of heart of the topic. A unsophisticated B conventional C temperamental D exacting E versatile 3. For complete and authoritative information, consult a good dictionary.

A critical B innocent C abnormal D honest and dependable E warm and friendly 5. This is especially true for analogy questions. For the purposes of the GRE, nouns, verbs, and adjectives are most useful. Memorizing vocabulary lists is not the best way to improve your vocabulary. Castor was fired for moral turpitude. A acute B subtle C well-documented D exaggerated E persistent 4. Many of the following words have appeared in the GRE exams based upon previous exams which ETS has has released for students to practice with.

For more information eeoterica this subject, see the Suffixes page. For all the scathing precision with which she states the lines of social aspirants and moneyed folk, the writer appears to being part of the world she makes seem so Then, try to learn the vocabulary by putting the words into sentences.

If so, consider taking courses in a broad range of disciplines.







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