Head north to the gate, and talk to Edmund 4 and mindread him, then head south to the gate near Gawain for a conversation. Head inside and kill the enemies. In the north end is a campfire, on the rocks near it will be a key 5 , grab it. Leave the training area and head to Tiresias. Follow the house behind him around to a chest behind some bushes, loot it 6. Keep an eye out for these so you can activate them.

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E-mails with proper spelling and grammar are more likely to receive a favorable response, though I do understand if your first language is not English.

About this guide II. Tips and tricks III. Skills IV. Farglow V. Broken Valley Village VI. Broken Valley VII. Orobas Fjords IX. Flying Fortresses X. Formulas XI. Mind Reading XII. Index XIII. While information is ordered in a sensible fashion, due to the open ended nature of Divinity 2, there is no single order that will represent how everybody goes through the game. For that reason, each section has its own mini table of contents which will allow you to use the search function of your browser to quickly find anything you need.

If you become truly lost, there is an alphabetical list of locations and quests in the index. All quests are called by their proper name, and as many locations as possible are as well. The language used in this guide should be easily understandable for most gamers. There are a very few exceptions to this, where there are multiple variables in a skill that always equal the same number. I may make this cleaner in future updates.

As you go through the game, and this guide, remember that Divinity 2 is all about exploration. Wander off the beaten path, make mistakes, and have fun.

Have fun! You can change it again before the tutorial is over. Experience you gain in the future will go to paying off the debt first, then you can resume gaining exp towards your next level.

Your current experience and experience debt are listed on your inventory screen. After reaching level 12, for a variety of reasons, the game becomes much easier. You can harvest gems and ores used for enchanting or plants used for alchemy. Save any Malachite Gems, but everything else becomes extremely easy to acquire in large quantities later on. Drinks will regenerate mana.

These are excellent alternatives to potions until level 10 or so, when you have too many hit points and mana to rely on such weak sources of replenishment. This is one of the best ways to learn a wide variety of enchanting formulas. The life tap will end the regeneration effect of the healing spell.

Wait for the regeneration to end, then life tap. Bind a quicksave key to something nearby and press it every few minutes and before difficult fights. Try making regular saves before entering new dungeons, before turning in difficult quests, and every time you gain a level. Saving before major boss encounters or game-changing events is a wise idea, too.

These bonuses are the only way to max many of the best skills in the game. The exact moment that the contents are determined occurs as you approach the container, not when you open it, so be careful if you try this trick.

For those, loot is only generated if you can open the chest. Furthermore, the loot is generated when you turn in the quest, and not before. So, if a quest offers a particularly good quality set of reward choices, you can simply save before turning it in, then keep reloading until you find a reward you like. There are less than a dozen places in the game where it might be worthwhile: malachite ore veins, and legendary or better quality quest rewards or item drops.

The Gremory chest is a notable exception, since it always contains a legendary quality item, unlike most chests which only have a small chance at containing a random heroic quality item at best. They restock their inventories to match you every time you gain a level. Merchants that sell magical and heroic goods are quite precious indeed and you should visit them every level to peruse their offerings for potential upgrades. Late in the game, you can gain access to merchants that regularly stock legendary quality items.

Such shops are your best bet for finding equipment that surpasses the pre-defined sets in the game. If the item level is high enough, an uncommon item may be far superior to even a legendary. The quality of an item only affects the number of properties, charm slots, and enchantments it can have. The more hit points you have, the more you regenerate. Of course, protection enchants are good, too. They add more damage to each swing than any other enchant without exception.

If you have a weapon with a third enchanting slot, the last enchant is up to personal preference. Once you get to Orobas Fjords, consider taking as many exp rewards as you can, unless an item being offered is very good for you such as one that raises a skill. Repeat as needed. Since herbs sell so poorly anyway, you can stock up on herbs for your favorite potions while your other runners line your pockets with gold. Upgrading your Skill Training Area to the max level with Kenneth requires you to give up a book that gives you five skill points - the single biggest skill boost in the game.

If you intend to upgrade your Workshop to the maximum, choose Wesson to gain more exp and two skill points instead of one. Lastly, choosing Allan forces you to give up the Potion of Wisdom, which grants you 5 int for free. Take advantage of their speed to quickly stock up on valuable materials. Whichever you pick, all formulas for that type will cost one less of each ingredient.

This cannot reduce the cost below 1, so unfortunately, all enchants requiring Malachite Gems still do so. Unlike the workshop upgrade, this can reduce certain ingredient costs to zero.

A potion will never be completely free, however, so even very low level potions will still require at least one ingredient. You can transform in and out of dragon form as often and as rapidly as you like. You can do this once every two seconds. These pieces tend to increase your best skills, such as Fire Sphere and Firebreath.

On the contrary, item rewards improve the higher the level you are. Avoid it in the early game, but consider investing in Wisdom once you get to Orobas Fjords for that reason. It might even be possible to reach higher, but it becomes exponentially more difficult and wastes that much more of your time.

No matter how high your level, blowing up buildings as a dragon always gives full exp. Then finish the game at level 32 or 33 and be happy. From there, just mop up the flying enemies and ballistas in whatever order you see fit. Heal up as a human, then take off as a dragon again. A single point in the heal skill is very useful for this, since your mana regenerates quite quickly as a dragon.

Save them for last, then focus your attacks on them until they finally go down. There does seem to be a limit to their mana pool, but it lasts for several heals. He sells a malachite gem, but be careful! At the time of this writing, there is a bug that causes you to be unable to buy from him if you open trade via dialogue. Click the Trade button instead and you will be able to buy the gem.

Malachite Veins: The rest of the malachite gems can be found randomly in malachite veins. If you save your game before approaching any given malachite vein, you can always reload until you get more gems. After you finish plundering the first, turn around and look up. The first is along the eastern wall and is relatively easy to find. The second is hidden behind some rocks on the western wall, very near an empty wagon sitting just in front of the wooden platform you stand on when talking with the Patriarch.

The first is along the right wall as you approach the stone platform. The second is beneath the wooden platform on the left. Simply hug the left wall as tightly as you can, jumping up onto tall rocks instead of going around when possible. First, finish the combat and fly to the exit. Then, after transforming out of your dragon form, turn around and walk onto the large rock to the left. From there, you should jump out of the lava, work your way around the orb with skillful acrobatics, and finally claim your gems.

The undead attack your foes with fireballs. What are they good for besides pushing up daisies? Those with a taste for the darker side of magic will answer that question with this particular spell.

For the dead, when brought back to life, will do anything for their master, including battle. Especially battle, in fact. Comments: Summons are fairly universally weak in this game, and this is arguably the weakest of them.

Best to avoid it. Ghosts will heal you, i.


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