For specific links to these sections within this recording, please see below. It can be viewed here or below. Henri Dutilleux As a prelude to our musical thoughts, a thought about thoughts. But have you ever wondered what chemical form your thoughts take? I have. Characteristics like hair and eye color, height, complexion, propensity for certain diseases, and on and on and on have all been linked to certain genes; they have a physical form that can be identified and monitored.

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Nocturne II Temps suspendu In the Centenary Edition, they show them a bit differently the Arabic numerals refer to the tracks on the CD and the Roman numerals to the sections in the score: 1. Introduction I. Nocturne 2. Litanies 4. Litanies 2 5. Constellations VI. Nocturne 2 VII. Temps Sometime I am going to get some Dutilleux scores and study them, at which point I will probably do some more posts. Think of these as just an introduction. All six together total only four minutes in length. Now for Ainsi la nuit.

Read the Wikipedia article for some details about the structure. One of the things you will notice is that he uses some of the same furtive ponticello timbres that Webern did in the bagatelles. As it is quite short, I recommend listening a few times.

This performance is by the Arditti Quartet and we have the fantastic luck that the clip is accompanied by the score so we can see what is going on. A few things to notice: the ensemble difficulties in performing this score are formidable.

The players spend as much time playing pizzicato and harmonics as they do "normal" notes. The parentheses come between the movements and are four or five measures long.

What makes them parentheses? Not sure, that would probably need to be revealed by a real analysis. Posted by.


Dutilleux: Ainsi la nuit & Dusapin: String Quartets Nos. 2 & 3

He was the great-grandson of the painter Constant Dutilleux and grandson of the composer Julien Koszul. He was also a cousin of the mathematician Jean-Louis Koszul. As a young man he studied harmony , counterpoint , and piano with Victor Gallois at the Douai Conservatory before leaving for the Conservatoire de Paris. He worked for a year as a medical orderly in the army and then returned to Paris in , where he worked as a pianist, arranger and music teacher. In , he conducted the choir of the Paris Opera.


Henri Dutilleux: Ainsi la Nuit

Before starting on the actual composition, Dutilleux spent some time studying the intricacies of string-playing techniques of the time. He had not attempted to write a work for string quartet since his days as a student at the Paris Conservatoire. After making a series of sketches in which he practiced writing for string quartet, the composer sent three completed pieces to the Juilliard Quartet. These pieces, entitled Nuits , have musical material which was later used in the final version of Ainsi la nuit.

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