I was feeling edgy walking down narrow pharmacy aisles yesterday trying to pick up all the things on my list. All in all it was taking ages and the longer I had to remain at the store the more nervous I felt about being out among even a small number of people during the COVID pandemic. Then Lovely Day came on over the speakers and it felt like a sign, I relaxed. Thank you, Bill Withers, for all the amazing music. In fact, in this crazy, uncertain and terrifying time we need your music more than ever. Happy St.

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If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Oh non era cieca ai suoi difetti, ma erano semplicemente compatibili sotto ogni aspetto, fisico, caratteriale, umorale…. Currently living in Southern Ontario with her husband, C.

Come See About Me by C. Kelly Martin Then she meets Liam and she starts to allow herself to heal. I thought this book would center around how Leah dealt with the loss of her boyfriend and learned to love again.

Come See About Meon the other hand, is a far cry from the dozens of novels hitting shelves these days. Okay, a little bit in that way. Open Preview See a Problem? If this comparison caused you to sulk about a lack of physical excitement in Come See About Meyou have simply misunderstood. But overall, it was alright.

Come See About Me is abouf how life is about stepping forward, even when there are a million things that can hold you back. There is a part towards the end with the relationship drama that totally made me laugh out loud. And the lovers somehow manage to do it without being perfect the one forever and ever for the rest of eternity soul mates. I disagree with this statement wholeheartedly.

Leah goes back to moping about Bastien and obsessing over her dental problems. The part of this book that did work for me was the relationship between Leah and Liam. Love, love, love, love. Scenes such as the concert she attended ck. That arc was there as she was essentially a succession of women he slept with to get over his girlfriend. TOP Related Posts.


Come See About Me

For awhile I was was one of the lucky ones. According to Martin , no one knew how to market a novel with a 20 year old protagonist. This is absolutely perplexing to me. She wants to be alone with her memories and sadness over what should have been, over their lost future together. They believe their expectations should carry some weight with me. Only Bastien truly carries any weight and people try to use that fact against me too and tell me what he would want for me. The early chapters, in which Leah recounts her relationship with Bastien, were incredibly difficult for me to read.



Come See About Me has, surprisingly, filled the long-time hole inside of me that has been craving for something more. She and Bastien had their lives ahead of them: Kelly Martin has an immense talent for writing layered characters who you root for and relationships that are absolutely beautiful. I never connected emotionally with this book. This is another comw about grief and loss and I truly believe I have read enough of these this year. Kelly Martin About what Liam and Leah offer one another on a level that only comes through opening themselves up to their most basic physical desires. Come See About Meon the other hand, is a far cry from the dozens of novels hitting shelves these days. Their love was the forever sort, not the college dating temporary sort.

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