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One single IC can be used to count form zero 0 to nine 9 directly on a Common Cathode type 7-segment display. The count can be increased by simply giving a high clock pulse; also more than one digit can be created by cascading more than one CD IC. So if you have a 7-segment CC display on which you have to display numbers that are being counted based on some condition then this IC will be a perfect choice. We have 7 output pins naming from Out A to Out G which is directly connected to the 7-segment display.

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JoJobei Most of the images will maximize on click. Those should be connected to the 4 buttons that you want to have the code. The circuit is designed to operate at any voltage between 5 and 15 volts. By the end of this week i will have prepared the video of this circuit in operation datasheeet we do for all our circuits and experiments.

U mean,all other button except the 4 code button should be connected to ERR? You mean you cannot see it clear? After testing this circuit on breadboard, I found that it would not reset after pressing the correct key-codes.

Here is a video from the circuit in operation! It could be better with just one, but i dataaheet i am used to this way. When no key is pressed, the S is also LOW from the pull down resistor. It needs a smaller PCB an one chip less. Now imagine the same scene, but instead of pushing just a button, you enter the security code!

The keypad could be normal pushbuttons. Look at the following PCB layout:. It has the same functionality, it is simpler, but it cannot be used with touch keypads. I kept it as simple as possible. Also, if the code must be entered in the correct order. I opened a forum thread for you to follow. Is this design able to expand to accommodate a seven digit code?

But if you have questions please use the forum instead to post it. Or the reset line has a problem. Thanx in advance At 25 August The circuit on a breadboard datasjeet test. Now you press the digit 4 first. If you will use normal push-buttons for the keypad, i suggest you use the following circuit instead. At 2 September The one with the or with the diodes?

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