Dear Friend, I want you to know that what I said above is true. Do you feel discouraged because you know what you SHOULD be doing when it comes to dating women, but you keep falling back into old self-defeating habits…? Have you experienced some positive results with women from time to time, and you could clearly see what made those moments work, but you only get those results occasionally…? Well, let me reassure you that there are a lot of guys that have experienced this. The one I know best is — ME! It took me a while, but I learned some valuable lessons in the process.

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October 23, Welcome to CarlosXuma. Women want an Alpha Man. The kind of guy who demonstrates clear dominance in the world. Look other men and women in the eye and project your voice confidently. Pause when effective, and answer questions at your own pace.

Be the tough guy. His voice and his knees shake. So have you. RULE: Take the pain. Complaining is for wussies who want attention. Bringing attention to your pain or complaining is a sign of weakness. Imagine that. He gets back to work. But, there are times when you do have to take action and stand up to the world. Assert your presence and be a man. But if he pushes your girlfriend around, that demands attention. Stand up for what you believe in. Ask yourself: How you do deal with authority?

The Alpha Man understands his place in the hierarchy. Where do you rank? The best way is to smile and be cool, calm and collected. All an officer is looking for is a safe interaction. GOOD Example: The boss at work who fails to appreciate you — sow discontent within the troops to further your cause.

Keep strength in numbers covertly, and always follow the strategies of war and the laws of power. You are the boss of you. The carrot will never match up to the power of the stick. We are more motivated by what we have to lose than the possibility of pleasure.

Yet, kids need to know the consequences of their actions. Usually the promise of giving a raise only works for those who are already performing well. Instead, always choose to motivate her with the promise of gain right up front. AKA: Silence. There are limits to a friendship, including the boundary that a friend is not allowed to borrow money and then not pay it back. How do you handle these women as an Alpha Man? RULE: Avoid the woman who cannot respect you. If she gives you lip about spending too much time with your friends, drop her.

She has to respect the important people in your life. The clingy woman — her attention and focus might feel good at first, but the more you need space, the more clingy they become. The feminist — women should be women. She should be able to cook and nurture you, not always looking at how she can be ungrateful with you. She should be feminine, not feminist The psycho — any woman can get a little nuts, but watch out for those with an edgy side.

She will consume you with her behavior. I thought so. Either emotionally or physically. A woman will lose respect if she hears you bitching and whining. You reveal information that shapes and sculpts the image you want her to have of you early on. Later, there will be more room for more intimacy. Example: Bill Maher does a bit about men who are constantly reporting to their wives. Checking in and telling her every little detail. RULE: Prepare for situations before they come up.

Prepare for it. Avoid your first impulse which will probably be to lash out. Start deep breathing, count backwards in your head or say a mantra in your head. Use a quick visualization strategy. Imagine something peaceful to calm your emotions down. This will relax and distract you. When you know you might have to make a threat, remember it has to be credible. You have to be able to follow through. In business, use the intimidation factor. If your strategy backfires and you back off from the threat it will tarnish your reputation.

Always have a contingency plan. He can take any jerk and put them in their place with wit and a good humored comeback. Quick witted and funny, too. Know how AND when to use strong-arm tactics to be effective.

These are a few of the Alpha Man rules that will help you get by in the dating marketplace… You may also like


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"But there was something missing..."

You should also know that women ARE attracted to money, but do you really know why this true? You may even think you know what those steps are from a bunch of other "systems. Read on to find out what the Truth about this Matrix is, Neo. What all these other systems lacked was a special ingredient. They lacked the ability to make this skill of pickup and attraction come full circle to deliver what it was truly capable of doing for you. That special ingredient is something that no one has been able to teach - until now. Now you will learn the complete picture of how to use pickup and attraction strategies to achieve success with women - AND your entire life!


What Do Women Really Want?

Pickup is DEAD. I was on my way back from Las Vegas when I came to a realization about the whole "pickup" and "seduction" community. It seemed so obvious and yet so massively important. When I got on the plane, I opened my word-processor and started writing like a madman. The first thing I realized is that pickup is dead.

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