Primer pairs were developed for 13 microsatellite loci and validated in 51 C. Eleven loci were polymorphic, revealing a maximum of two to 15 alleles per locus in C. For C. Keywords: Brazilian Atlantic forest, Cariniana legalis, conservation genetics, microsatellite markers, population genetics, tropical tree species Cariniana Casar. Lecythidaceae is a genus of trees native to South America, and many of these tree species are harvested for timber.

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Join now to view geocache location details. Please note Use of geocaching. Por favor, traga sua caneta. Small plastic tube, contend only a logbook. Please, bring your own pen. Aproveite a aventura! No entanto, foi descrita pela primeira vez por von Martius em como Couratari legalis.

Due to its greater area in a mountainous region, the Park is home to a great number of springs, rapids, waterfalls and was an exuberant redoubt of flora and fauna in the heart of the State of Rio de Janeiro. In each cache of this trail, you will have the opportunity to know a species of plant, animal, geomorphological aspects, historical records and scenic beauty, all directly related to the Park. Enjoy the adventure! Its size and beauty made its name given to cities, streets and palaces.

It is the type species of the genus Cariniana, described as Cariniana brasiliensis by Casaretto, in , in Rio de Janeiro. However, it was first described by von Martius in as Couratari legalis. The revision of botanical genres made by Kuntze in renamed it as Cariniana legalis. It is considered the largest native tree in Brazil, because it can reach up to 50 meters in height and a trunk with a diameter of up to 7 meters.

Its membranous leaves measure up to 4 x 7 cm. The flowers, small, that appear from December to February, are cream colored. The fruit is a woody pixid, whose spontaneous opening, in August-September, releases the small seeds of Aeolian dispersion. One kilogram contains about 22 thousand seeds, which germinate in a semi-shaded environment, emerging the bud between 12 and 20 days. Additional Hints Decrypt.


Cariniana legalis





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