All Articles S. It may differ in detail from other versions and from the English localisation when it is released in FEB Sorry for all the bulleted lists, I hope it is still a pleasant read. Thanks Peetz for extensive contributions and editing,and also Dimitroff for helping me out when I needed it most.

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I do not intend on rehashing the manual so you should refer to it if you are unsure of controls etc. This is meant to be a guide rather than a walkthrough.

How you do them is up to you. This guide has been written by me after some long painstaking effort so please do not rip my walkthrough off. Humans 1 Stalkers Stalkers are people looking for treasure in the zone. Usually lightly armoured and not very well armed. They are enemies of bandits. They are enemies with Monolith. Found in Pripyat, with one guy in Jupiter. Once you have been to the sawmill in Pripyat they will appear in all maps randomly.

Can range in weapons and armour. Usually well armed and have good armour. They can be found in Jupiter. They are enemies of stalkers. You can find them in Zaton and Jupiter. There is a squad in Zaton that are not aggressive but the rest will attack you on site.

Found in Pripyat and Zaton. Usually have good armour and are well armed. Usual FPS tactics apply to all humans here; go for headshots to take them down. Mutants Mutants - come in a variety of forms: 1 Boars Wild boars have a claw attack.

They will charge you and circle around the back of you. Shotguns work well a couple of shots will put these down. A couple of shotgun shots will take these out. Just shoot these, no special tactics needed.

You can climb on rocks and other objects to shoot these without worry of them being able to get you. The phantoms do no harm but its difficult to pick out the pseudo dog amongst them. Try and snipe these from a distance. If not shot them close up with shotguns. Just shoot these from a distance with assault rifles. They will try and sneak up behind you and attack you and either claw you or grab you. Try and snipe these from a distance or shoot them with a shotgun up close.

They attack by throwing things at you and blocking bullets. The easiest way to kill them is run at them and use the knife. If they spot you stop moving and shoot them.

Usually fairly slow so you should be able to avoid them easy enough. Shoot these from a distance with your sniper rifles! Avoid direct line of sight contact. The Chimera is a large humanoid that jumps to attack then jumps away. Aim for the head and attack from a distance. Below are the different factions found in the game: Stalkers Enemies: Bandits Stalkers are usually loners whose sole aim is to get as much in the way of wealth from the zone. Bandits Enemies: Stalkers They are basically bad news, and will rob anyone they can.

Duty Enemies: Freedom Duty are based in Yanov station. They are constantly at war with Freedom. Freedom Enemies: Duty Freedom based in Yanov station and stand for the expansion of the zone for the good of mankind. They are constantly at war with Duty. Military Enemy: Monolith The Military are trying to get out of zone and can be found based in the Laundromat in Pripyat.

Monolith Enemies: Everyone Monolith are a religious group that believe in protecting and expanding the zone. You meet a small group of these guys in Jupiter and they are friendly.

Monolith are based in Pripyat and will attack anyone on sight. Try and keep everyone alive until you get your reward! Save before buying upgrades so you can load back up if you make a mistake. Some ammunition for sniper rifles may need to be purchased as most enemies either user the 5. You should check the repair price against the sale price before repairing guns and armour to sell. You may end up losing money.

These can range from fetching items to killing people. Talk to everyone you meet to see if they have missions for you. Some missions offer a reward which you can pick up from the person who gave you the mission. Stashes Not strictly a mission as such. You may find information on stashes when you search dead bodies or as rewards for completing missions.

When you collect all the items the stash icon disappears off the map. Emissions When an emission warning is given you have a set amount of time to take cover in the building marked on the map. If you do move across a map to another building then sometimes the locations ill change to that building. This is if you have to head to an enemy controlled building. Failure to do so will result in death!

Other characters only have a limited amount of money. The price of items also depend on the condition and how well liked you are by the faction they represent. Green is where the weapon is better than equipped and red is worse than the weapon equipped.

RPG-7u Grenade Launcher Batteries 6 0. Uses VOG ammo M 1. Starting detector Bear Detector 0. Detector with a directional finder Veles Detector 0. Detector with a directional finder Svarog Detector 0.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat – Guides and FAQs



S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat – Walkthrough



S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Game Guide & Walkthrough



S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat - Walkthrough/guide


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