Zurr They provide precise knowledge on the sheep livestock per category amongst the livestock and enable the setup of forecasts on the production of sheep bordfreau. Outward Foreign Affiliates STatistics The objective of this scheme is to collect the information of the heads of groups in France about their subsidiaries abroad. Results are used mainly to collect information on the impact of grassland agricultural practices. Information System on Sick Leaves Database containing information related to sick leaves, the associated medical consumption, the individual and professionnal contexts the employees. Documentation Abbreviated methodology pdf, 62 Ko.

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Bagal It also provides exhaustive knowledge of the stock including classified campsites that do not offer any short-stay pitches and the occupancy of short-stay pitches only, intended for a tourist clientele, as opposed to pitches for yearly rental intended for more residential purposes. Farm Accountancy Data Network The Farm Accountancy Data Network gathers the data necessary to evaluate the operating income of agricultural production sites and the impacts of the Common Agricultural Policy.

It includes the birth certificates and the forms where decisions registering the birth are recorded. Data collection is conducted throughout the year, thus allowing quarterly assessments of the labour market situation and unemployment.

File on Central Civil Servants The file on Central Civil Servants allows to know staff and payments of the agents of the central civil service of the State. It enables to compare poverty rates and income distributions between EU member states. Abbreviated methodology pdf, 62 Ko. It therefore rcapitulatit to calculate the distribution for all income types and analyse the income structure within households, between its members whether in terms of income from work, capital income, pensions, social benefits or transfers form one household borderewu another.

This collection consists of weekly residence summaries RHS which become the anonymous weekly summaries after anonymization RHA. POTE fiscal households tax declarations income tax. It describes most phytosanitary activities types of treatment, products used, doses and dates and prophylactic techniques fertilisation, removal of surplus shoots and leaves, trimming, green harvestiing Aggregated classification — NA, The sampling plan includes early potatoes, witloof roots, strawberries, melons and sweetcorn.

Financial Links between Enterprises This survey aims to identify and outline the groups of enterprises operating in France. Information is gathered on national, regional and even sub-regional level. This interrogation complies with the EC Regulation on structural statistics. Parmi les plateformes les plus connues, on peut citer UberAirbnbDrivy ou encore Zilok. Elle rcpitulatif environ comptes actifs mensuels et 1 comptes actifs trimestriels plus du double en comptabilisant les comptes actifs au moins une fois depuis Observatory for Rural Development.

Guyane et Mayotte droit actuel. The surveys also gather information on the level of household debt and its composition. The amount for different categories of waste cardboard, wood, plastics, glass… are recorded and methods of disposal of this dws recycling, energy production, landfill… are specified. These changes are likely to generate more revisions than usual to data. Community innovation surveys These surveys provide quantitative information on the frequency of innovation in enterprises.

Actual normal profits Individual file extraction for companies under the tax system of the Industrial and commercial profits — normal scheme. Psychiatry The information collection describes all the activity carried out for the benefit of patients by the healthcare establishments, in full or partial hospitalization summary by sequence, RPSand in ambulatory care summary of ambulatory activity, RAA which become anonymous sequence sumlmaries RPSAS and anonymous outpatient summaries R2A.

They describe housing conditions and expenditure, depending on housing tenure. Rcapitulatid include octisations, input of organic and mineral fertilizing, phytosanitary treatments. Organisational changes and information technologies These surveys focus on computerisation and organisational changes within companies and their use of information technologies. Survey on energy consumption in industries The purpose of the survey on industrial energy consumption EACEI is to measure energy consumption in industry.

Survey on networks in the service sector Dees survey carried out in focuses on estimating the number of units and activity in legally independent companies organised in networks through cooperation agreements franchise, coops, concessions, buying organisation…. Stillborn infants are not recorded.

Survey on Trajectories and Origins The purpose of the Trajectories and Origins Cltisations carried out in is to help us understand the extent to which geographical background is in itself a factor contributing to inequality or to limitations in access to the different cotusations of life in society housing, language and education, work, public services and social benefits, contraception, health, nationality, network of relations, marriage market, etc.

They aim to assess the cattle population per category amongst the livestock and enable the setup of forecasts on bovine meat production, and address the information needs regarding the situation of cattle livestock farms.

Environmental protection studies and investments Measuring investments and studies made by manufacturers towards protecting the environment. The device combines administrative data covering employer and employee. Survey on non-hazardous waste large commercial establishments This urssxf which was carried out in allows us to assess the amounts of non-hazardous waste generated nationally by these establishments and better understand their management.


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