Utility software antivirus programs, archiving programs, dialogue programs, diagnostic programs. Elements of an econometric model. Supply and a price. Market and elements of market.

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Dailar Factors determining money demand 6. Deterministic theories of social life conditioning. The question of issuing self-government bonds definition and kinds of self-government bonds, aims and forms of issue, acquisition of self-government bonds and their market. The notion of finances in historical and modern formulations. Innovations as a factor of competitiveness growth. Related to study programmes: Vischer of local spatial policy in conditions of market influence.

The Internet profile, functions and use of the Internet, services accessible in the Internet, exploring programs. Systems of power supplies. Pricing of productive factors in the light of theory of distribution. Mediations and negotiations connected with the evaluation of investment location. Assets, funds and financial results.

Evaluating the influence on the environment of water — sewage economy investments. Money demand and supply 5. Methods of analyzing surroundings and territorial possibilities. The features of a transformation period to the market economy. Zarys przemianWyd. Strategic workshops — the range and methodology of workshop works, issues of an integrative approach to strategic planning collaborative planning. A cycle of actions in accountancy from the opening balance to the closing balance: The essence of a multidimensional comparative analysis.

Redecorations and modernization of real estates. Economic growth and development, their measures and determinants. The SWOT analysis and wallet analyses. Energetic resources, tendencies of changes in their use. Information about programmes of studies on the major of economy. Usage of audio-visual devices for introducing problems and processes of development in a synthetic formulation: Kinds of maps and their use. Capitalistic economy on Polish territory and its features in about half of the 19 th century to the year Population development of societies, demographic revolution, its causes, mechanism, stages and results.

The attendance at the discussion classes and getting a credit on the basis of the established criteria, 2. Division of Gross National Product. Elements of architecture and eklnomia of the computer.

Determining the solutions of optimum linear models with the use of a geometrical method. Equilibrium in simplified model 6. Instruments and types of monetary policy. The essence and methods of environmental internalization of external disadvantages. A uniform text of 29th January Dz. Protection of cultural values in case of threats. The financial market, its components and segments.

The didactic aim of the subject: Competences of populace, administrative districts, provinces councils in a new administrative division of the country. International monetary system and international finances. Ecological problems in the theory of economy. Short-term and long-term theories of production. Related Articles.



Arashikora Computer graphics basic notions, raster graphics, vector graphics, computer animations. The didactic aim of the subject: Employing the notions of a straight line, hyper-lane and half-space in formulating microeconomic linear relations. Instruments of trade policy: State Intervention in The Economy 2. The role of the state in a market economy.


Ekonomia - tom 2. Makroekonomia (okładka czerwona)

Nar The Euro-region Nysa — problems and experiences. Forms and degrees of monopolization. Decentralization and de-concentration of power. Exchange rate systems — solid and liquid. In the first part of the course, which discusses the purpose and method of macroeconomics, fundamental macroeconomic problems economic fluctuations and economic growth, unemployment, inflation are presented, the main macroeconomic sectors households, companies, ekknomia, abroad are discussed and an idea of a circular motion of products and money is introduced. The status of a foreigner in the RP — visas, residence permits. Costs of inflation and ways of prevention.

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