His father was Srinivas Rao and mother was Bharatamma. He was married to Seetabai. Motivation[ edit ] Having no formal exposure to Kannada or its literature, Beechi was motivated towards Kannada literature after reading A. He considered A. Krishna Rao as his guru.

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Instead of sending each other flirty text messages, role playing, or planning a dream vacation together, Millicent and her husband engage in murder to keep their marriage alive and kicking.

Nina Hill is an only child who works in a bookstore. Upon discovering the father she never knew has died, leaving behind new family members for Nina to get to know, all of a sudden her very structured life is turned upside down. The core of the book revolves around a woman named Autumn who is consumed with searching for her missing twin sister Summer. As a result, Autumn slowly starts to unravel, taking comfort in the wrong people and things, while coping with the recent loss of their mother.

On the Mayan Riviera exists The Harmony Resort, a respite and beautiful getaway for married couples on the verge of divorce. The retreat is run by celebrity therapists Drs. Miles and Grace Markell who give the guests helpful tools and advice to repair their relationships. But when a tropical storm hits the Caribbean coastline, the hosts and the guests are trapped at the Mexican resort, where secrets are exposed, trust is tested, and the illusion of Drs.

In an affluent town in Colorado, a new, top-tier school for gifted students is opening up. What starts out as a healthy competition among the close-knit community of moms and dads spirals into something sinister. Alexa and Drew are getting married, but the story primarily involves their friends and wedding party members, Theo and Maddie.

Eve Rosen is a woman in her mid-twenties working a dead-end job, but she has dreams of becoming a writer. She takes a job as an assistant for a famous writer, and the job teaches her more about herself than she bargained for. As she struggles to figure out her identity, Eve makes a ton of mistakes on her road to literary success.


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