It has a clean and minimal look with just the two knobs and screen shown. Instead, there is a retractable aluminum cover that reveals all the buttons and connection sockets. Moving on to the back of the receiver, there is a lot to like for home theater enthusiasts. The most noticeable of the connection ports are the speakers because there are dedicated ports for the front wide and front height channels. Even though the AVR-X still counts as a 7.

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Denon has high hopes for its X-series of AV receivers, with the new range boasting an unapologetically modernistic feature set and some welcome refinements, including a reworked user interface, clearer front panel display and hand-holding Setup Assistant to demystify installation.

The AVR-X is a seven-channel design, but supports nine-channel processing should you want to lace up an additional stereo power amp. Neat design Cosmetically, this receiver is slick without being idiosyncratic.

The fascia itself has a neat, brushed finish and lightweight symmetrical control knobs that frame a central trapdoor. The roof of the AVR sports a couple of plastic heat mats, secured over the front-facing vents with little plastic clips.

These slightly ugly toupees are designed to prevent the roof of the unit exceeding predetermined temperature levels when the receiver is run at high volumes. Overly cautious perhaps, but Denon and Marantz have been using them for years. To optimise fidelity, signal paths have been minimised. The layout of the rear panel is measured and manageable.

The HDMI provision is generous, with six inputs plus a seventh around the front , coupled to InstaPrevue thumbnail previews. The receiver can also distribute audio only to a third zone. In terms of distance and level it proved pleasingly accurate in my room, but I still felt the need to make my own extra manual adjustments.

When engaged, pretty much every thud of bass is exercised from the soundtrack, leaving nothing but shrill squawking. I may have been playing The Expendables 2 on the Blu-ray player, but my neighbours must have thought I was culling parakeets.

The setup and main menus of the AVR-X are easily navigated, enlivened with engaging graphics. Selecting the Network input brings up a collection of icons representing internet radio, Last. Those running a music server NAS are well served. The AVR also features a variety of picture presets plus a user mode which allows you to tune contrast, brightness, saturation, hue and noise reduction.

Personally, I feel your source and display are the more logical calibration point. Engines were panned front to back, left and right, in a glorious cacophony. With pumped-up actioners, like the aforementioned As Sly and his team unleash their ordnance, the Denon responds with quick-fire transients. Clarity and definition remain admirable. The amplifier is rated at W into 8ohms with all channels driven.

Overall, the AVR-X delivers on its modern promise.


Denon AVRX3400H 7.2 Channel Home Theater System

The manufacturer declared that the complex, intimidating and unattractive AV receiver was a thing of the past. Instead they would replace the traditional black box with something altogether more modern. They said that setup would be easier, the interface more intuitive and the connections simplified. The design would also get a makeover with a less intimidating front facia and a more ergonomic remote control.


Denon AVR-X4000 AV Receiver Review

Enjoy its numerous technological attributes, such as the high-definition radio tuner for clear reception. You can also use it to stream media from the internet or from Apple AirPlay. There are multiple ports to connect the device containing your favorite audio. In this way, the AVR-x allows you to expand the front soundstage of your system, ensuring an incredible surround-sound experience. With its seven-channel output, the Denon x receiver enables you to complete your home theater system.


Denon AVR AVR-X4000 7 Channel 235 Watt Receiver

After you select a desired language, it lists out the items you will need for setup, namely: the remote, setup mic, speakers and cables. I never saw that in the box. The Setup Assistant accompanies each instruction with still or animated images, making tasks like stripping speaker wire, ensuring proper polarity, and utilizing binding posts simple for even the most novice consumers. When selecting what speakers are in use, most receivers have you choose from a list of predefined options, like 5. With the Setup Assistant, it asks you about each speaker individually.

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