Page 6: Controls The surface of the C EB is matte black; therefore, the micro- phone is highly inconspicuous which is a particular advantage in television and stage work. Strong spotlights will not cause irritating The C EB is designed for external universal phantom powering 9 … Applications: mainly instrumental recordings, for reducing unwanted low frequency structureborne noise. Page 8: Microphone Housing Applications: as above, mainly vocalist, but also instru- mental recording, close-in miking in situations requiring effective suppression of proximity effect. Microphone Microphone housing housing voltage regulator circuit, impedance converter, output transformer, and the 3-pin standard XLR connector male.

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Tut The sound, the insensitivity to feedback, despite an excellent ability to chopper instrument sawed me. The pick-jack creek and the creaking chanterelle. On a somewhat male folk, it can be difficult to correct. Did you find this review helpful? The charge should last over a hundred years so you do not have to worry that your C EB will ever fail you I am not sure what the letters EB mean, perhaps Electret Backplate?

Have you tried many other models before acquiring this one? Vocal mic mainly although I suppose that ca pass on instruments or other types flute wind instruments with a windscreen. It has been in production for 44 years, but in January wkg, AKG presented a successor: More information about that can be found at www. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. The Best Live Ceh Mics. I will not repeat what has excellently said I had and have other static in their hands, and this one serves me absolutely still on percussion and often on other deb.

Some say that the charge of electrets weakens over time, but my own old and trusted C EB does alg show any signs of that at all. Our members also liked: By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. I have the right place in the axis of the speaker but between 40cm and 80cm apart. One of the first famous users was Frank Sinatra, many others followed. Submitted by Jason Akkg on Aug. Please update your browser to use Reverb What kind of a microphone?

Big Difference gain and spectrum between two microphones after the age. Akkg it works great! How do you report qualitprix? What kind of microphone?

Rapprt excelent value for female voices. Electrets do need power for their pre-amplifier, often 48 v Phantom power many cheaper electrets just use a built-in battery. The frequency response of the microphone is very flat, with a small 2 dB rise between 7 and 12 kHz, this provides a very open sound with lots of clarity, and is flattering, but not harsh, like some of the competition.

Have you tried many other models before acqurir? And it is very sturdy! AKG has brought out more models that do not shine like their predecessors. Studio use with suspension preference microphone on table. Exprience with, you will do again this choice? Related Posts


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