WhatsApp In previous articles I have talked about how technology is changing the world , however as I made these articles several doubts arose in me about whether the technology is good or bad for the human being. While on the one hand it has proved very beneficial, it can also be harmful in the long run. For that reason, today I have decided to write about the advantages and disadvantages of technology. In order to avoid the typical post-apocalyptic discourse in which machines take over terminator style, this article will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of technology with respect to the technological advances that have been presented in the last decades.

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Lifi is basically a optical wireless network communication system. A striking advantage of LiFi over Wifi is that it can boost the network speeds about times faster that the conventional Wifi system available.

Yes, finally a real and better competitor and alternative of Google Fiber is now available. Lifi is more advantageous than Google Fiber as the former runs wirelessly, while the latter still depends on wired connections. Below we answer some common questions related to Li-Fi that is revolving around all of us since it is a new term common people are hearing today, though it is quite a familiar name in science industry from the past few years.

A: Herald Haas. He is the mastermind behind LiFi. He proposed the term in in the University of Edinburgh, UK. Below this post is a video where Herald is explaining the technology. Q: How does LiFi internet source transmit the network to the devices? A: Through Light of course. The source can be the Tube Light or the Bulb placed in your room. As soon as you turn it on, you get access to the wireless visible optical network everywhere inside your room.

So if you are under the light, it means you are receiving the network. Q: What are the Real Speeds of Lifi? A: Well, when Lifi was tested under laboratory, the achieved speeds were about Gbps According to BBC but it deteriorated under real life tests.

Tested under real life conditions. Still this was an amazing speed to get via Wireless. Q: How secure is LiFi? Light cannot penetrate through walls to reach outside your workstation.

Practically it is more secure than a Wifi because even a Wifi can be hacked, but a Lifi is not accessible at all outside, thereby barring the hackers from the root!

Bye Bye Hackers! Q: What are the advantages of this network? A: First advantage is speed. You can watch and download videos in no time. Browse new websites in a blink. Second Advantage is security.

It cannot be hacked, as it cannot reach your neighbor via any means. A: Despite being extremely powerful network, it has some small operational disadvantages. Also, you cannot enjoy playing online games or watching YouTube videos in a dark room or on bed at night time when you prefer to turn off the lights. Q: Li-fi vs Wi-Fi. What are the comparisons?

A: Both of them are wireless network connections but the former has a whooping speed hike than the latter. Lifi is times faster than the conventional Wifi network. Lifi does not require password protection like Wifi, as the light source is bound not to get hacked, as it is confined within the room of operation. Wifi networks require wifi hotspot system which is entirely abandoned in Lifi.

Thanks for reading our post. I hope you have learnt something new from it. Do share this post with your friends and help them know it too. Till then, stay tuned! It is indeed amazing. Below it is.


What is Li-Fi Internet? Advantages, Disadvantages, LiFi vs WiFi

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Li-Fi technology? Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of Li-Fi technology? A: Li-Fi, which uses visible light to transmit signals wirelessly, is an emerging technology poised to compete with Wi-Fi. Since homes and offices already have LED bulbs for lighting purposes, the same source of light can be used to transmit data. Hence, it is very efficient in terms of costs as well as energy.


10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

General culture History biology Other phrases Literature 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology There are different advantages and disadvantages of technology. The impact it has had on daily life is practically immeasurable. The technology has allowed to advance in many fields, reason why it is possible that it is used of different ways in the daily life. However, it is generally still used even though it may have a negative impact on people and society. Some of the benefits of technology include improved communication, easy access to information, and overall improvement in Lifestyle of humans. On the other hand, some of its disadvantages include the loss of work for people, the creation of weapons of mass destruction and dependence on the same technology.

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