Your system administrator will determine whether your phone has Line keys. Ask your system administrator whether a general bell is set up. Installation and first-time operation 3. Personal Key Operator console Personal key Once your system administrator has configured your phone as operator console, your Personal key is also configured. Select the required setting and confirm with the Foxkey.

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Douhn Foxkey itself — retrievable only in the idle state To be able to use a configurable key, you need to make sure an Aastra M or Aastra M expansion key module is connected. Protection Personalizing Your Phone Protection This section explains how you can protect yourself against certain types of call. With call preparation you can enter a phone number without it being dialled automatically, so you have time to check the number and, if necessary, correct it.

Page Installation and first-time operation 3. Information On The Operator Console Once your system administrator has configured the first Line key on your Aastra M your phone acts as an operator console. If for example you key in a call number during a call, your call partner will hear the tone signals. Supplementary features Free seating You do not have your own workplace and share desk and phone with other employ- ees. Press the Loudspeaker key.

Set up or answer call via line. Answering Calls Dialling and phoning Answering calls This section explains the procedure for answering a call. Technologies are also developing fast, and businesses need to embrace them, or risk being left behind.

You can fill out the fields directly on aasyra PC and then print out the labels. If your system administrator has set up a phone number with several phones for you as well as the 5 call routings, you can specify which of your phones shall signal a call by using the personal call routing. Tracking A Malicious Call Input Using the display and operating elements Input Aasttra keys You can use the digit keys for entering digits and passwords and for Quickdial. Log out Log out free seating Dialling With Redial Aasra 71 You want to retrieve a frequently used phone number with a single keystroke rather than enter it digit by digit.

Depending on the displayed colour you can immediately see, for example, whether a team member is on an external or an internal call. Line key Scroll to Aastar key Enter text from picture: The paged per- son can answer from any phone.

Operator Scroll to Operator and press the Select Foxkey. You can connect internal and external users with one another. Page Enquiry call during a call If the called party is busy, you can activate an automatic callback. Aastra ip Latest Posts — 31 Dec 18 Correction key Deletes the last character or goes back one step in the menu. Menu Press the Menu The user hears the busy tone and obtains a text message on his display. Dialling and phoning Making calls This section explains the different ways you can make a call with your phone.

Configuring The Dtmf Mode Dialling and phoning Using your phone in hands-free mode You want other people to join the conversation or to have your hands free while mak- ing the call. You can now call the person in question using this last-number redial list. Asstra the Response of a Line Key You want to set the response of a line key. Line Keys If, for example, level 3 of the Aastra M expansion key module is activated and the Line key on level 1 receives a call, the call is signalled by the red blinking LED in position 1.

Supplementary features Answering call waiting You are in a call and hear the call waiting tone. Io to team partner TOP Related.


Aastra 5380 Quick User Manual

Answer Press the Answer Foxkey. Azstra Aastra Free Seating Supplementary features Free seating You do not have your own workplace and share desk and phone with other employ- ees. Display Using the display and operating elements Display Display symbols and display text New events such as a call in your absence, a new message or activated functions e. Display You can set the display aastda, the backlight and the backlight intensity. The characters are assigned to the keys as follows: Private contacts Scroll to Private contacts and press the Personalizing Your Phone Supplementary features To answer the callback request Someone has asked you to call back. If the phone number is stored in the private phone book or in the system, the display also shows the corresponding name.


Aastra 5380 User Manual



Aastra 5370 IP Phone Headset - EAR510



Aastra 5380 Quick User Manual


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